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Farquhar is Adelaide’s leading kitchen retailer and we are committed to excellence in quality manufacturing.

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of this commitment.

This is reflected in our Competitive Pricing Policy.

Our kitchen quotes will be competitive with a recognised competitors in each product category.

We will provide good value to our customers with a wide range of quality products, hardware, service and competitive prices.

We will not sell below cost or lead the market on price.

A recognised competitor is a kitchen retailer that:

  • Offers the same product ranges as Farquhar Kitchen.
  • Meets the same service standards as Farquhar including, but not restricted to, detailed design, selection & installation service.
  • Cabinetry and product finishes are manufactured to the same high quality levels as Farquhar.

We will match a recognised competitor’s quote, if:

  • The products are identical and are not below our cost price.
  • The kitchen design and layout is comparable.
  • The competitor has the exact products available and a detailed quote outlining price can be verified.

Discounts and other promotional offers or price guarantees or promises cannot be used in conjunction with this competitive pricing offer.

Norwood Showroom

Farquhar Kitchens Norwood
144 Magill Road, Norwood
South Australia 5067
Phone (08) 8132 8000

Plympton Showroom

Farquhar Kitchens Plympton
482 Marion Road, Plympton Park
South Australia 5038
Phone (08) 8292 7600