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Miracles do happen and Jack Bondarenko is living proof. After eight years of heartache, Lisa and Serge welcomed their son Jack. It’s led to big changes in their Warradale home.

“It’s a dream come true for us and we never thought we’d get here,” Lisa Bondarenko says proudly, as she gazes down at her six month old son Jack.

Lisa and her husband Serge battled fertility issues for eight years. “We were dealing with unbearable grief and a medical system that said to find another dream. It made our journey hard,” she says. But Lisa and Serge defied the odds and welcomed Jack into their lives this year.

While Lisa prepares dinner, Jack bounces around in his Jolly Jumper, attached to the pantry door-frame. “It’s perfect because when I’m cooking he has a lovely jump,” Lisa laughs.

And as Lisa and Serge eat, Jack sits with them in his bouncer on the kitchen’s distinct dining setting. “We wanted something a bit edgy, so when people walk in they go wow!” Lisa says.

Their lowered extension table is attached to the main kitchen island, and the couple realised it was a bold statement to make. “I remember the day they were putting it in, I walked in with my eyes closed,” Lisa says. “But I absolutely love it now because it’s different.”

It suits the couple’s style of entertaining, which leans towards casual Spanish tapas around the island and table. “That’s how we entertain – we never do massive meals because we love experimenting with tapas,” Lisa says.

The island bench is perfect for this – there’s no sink to avoid when passing plates down the table. Lisa also admits she doesn’t like mess, which is why everything is hidden in her kitchen. The fridge, kettle and bin are tucked away neatly in the pantry. This creates space and structure.

The prep-zone is clear and the push-catch drawers and cupboards are impressively organised. Nestled among it all are two eye-catching features. “Our 900mm gas and oven cook-top and the integrated dishwasher distinguishes the working zones,” Lisa says.

But it’s the richly-toned colour scheme that sets this kitchen apart. “It’s smart, classic and it’s never going to date,” Lisa says.

After building four other houses, this is a more permanent resting place for the family, and they’re happy to settle. “We wanted it to be a functional kitchen, but also warm and inviting,”Lisa says. “This room is the pulse of our family.”